Cattle Buildings


Fabric covered cattle buildings designed with your productivity and profits in mind by people who understand the cattle industry. Grow your profits  by choosing a better livestock environment than traditional hoop buildings, monoslope buildings, or cow barns offer. The cattle Integrity series fabric-covered buildings create a dry environment with excellent air quality for feeding cattle.

Accu-Steel cattle buildings are different from traditional hoop buildings and cattle barns since they’ve been designed specifically for the feed cattle industry and livestock housing. Reduce animal stress and manure management costs, with cattle buildings engineered to put more money in your pockets. Learn more

Accu-Steel Cattle Integrity Series Fabric Covered Building


  • 3-way airflow – dual eaves and ridge vent
  • Higher ventilation rates for moisture removal
  • Natural lighting with open span space to allow for a flexible interior configuration to match your operating plan.
  • Hot dipped galvanized steel that meets ASTM A123 standards, which provides the highest level of corrosion protection available.
  • The most durable fabric cover available – Enduro-Loc™ technology.
  • All steel is cold-roll formed. No press and stress.
  • Customizable to any width between 30′ and 80′ – standard width profiles are listed above.
  • Engineered the Accu-Steel way. No cutting corners. No compromises.
  • Our versatile design choices are perfect for equipment storage, livestock housing, salt storage, sand storage, and fertilizer storage, among many others.

Foundation Options:

I-beams, precast concrete blocks, T-panels, L-panels, cast-in-place concrete, Deep Pit, existing Feed apron, Jersey barriers, and others. Profiles for other options are available upon request. All profiles are shown with no foundation.

Accu-Steel Cattle Building Videos