Lakeside Campfire

Campfire Bundles

Naturally dried wood harvested locally in Crow Wing County. Every Bundle contains a mix ideal for starting and feeding a campfire and include at least 4 red oak for a lasting fire. Feeding the flame for campers and backyard gatherings in the Merrifield area for a generation. Located Just South of the Hwy 3 & 4 spit on your way to Breezy Point or Crosslake, in the heart of the lakes.

Racks of unbundled firewood

Save by buying in bulk, each bundle is approximately equal to 15 Bundles and consist of a campfire mix made up primarily of split Red oak and Pine with a sprinkling of small rounds and other local species.

It’s always a great day to gather around a fire with friends & family – stop in today and stock up.

Friends around the campfire

10257 Hardy Woods Trail | Merrifield MN 56465 | 218-656-2166