Cow-Calf Under Roof

Cow-Calf Under Roof

Keeping Cattle Healthy & Dry

The benefits of raising cattle under roof and specifically utilizing Fabric Covered Buildings to do so is being broadly being recognized in the cattle industry. High roofs, natural light and great ventilation create in an ideal environment for dryer cows and a more productive operation. The Accu-Steel barn design helps you control the environment for a healthy herd thanks to design features such as the ridge vent which enables air flow even with side curtains closed in cold or wet weather conditions.

Barns Designed for Cattle and Calving

Accu-Steels Cattle Integrity Barn was designed specifically for cattle, rather than just altering a standard hoop building and calling it a cattle barn. Three-way airflow utilizing dual eaves and a ridge vent is one of many cattle friendly features that are standard on Accu-Steel Integrity cattle barns. Opt for the premium eave to maximize your under-cover space and provide even better feed bunk protection from rain and snow. Optional Power side wall curtains & shade curtains are available to better protect your herd on our cold or windy Minnesota Winter days. Don’t go through another calving season out in the snow and mud, let us help you bring your operation out of the foul Spring weather.

Experience and Expertise You can Count On

Accu-Steels roots from day one are in Cattle farming – add to that 20 years of collaborating with other farmers to continue designing a comfortable environment reducing animal stress and you get Cattle Barns that maximize your production. Accu-Steel understands the under-roof space needed to promote good results in your herd and to make the best use of your valuable under roof space. Hardywoods can assist cattle ranchers & farmers in central and northern MN with solutions for your cow calf operation, backgrounding or finishing barn needs.

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Great for Hay Protection

Inside Hay Storage can significantly increase the useful life of your Hay

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