The Covered Arena Your Horse Will Love

Horse Riding Arena

Equestrian Friendly

Get the riding arena that puts your horse at ease – remove the shadows from artificial lighting and enjoy the benefits of high ceilings. Another great feature is the quite atmosphere a fabric building provides. You and our horse will appreciate the noise reduction and comfort of not having a ceiling truss right over your head. Removing barriers that can spook or stress your horse will allow you to enjoy your riding time.

Ride in Comfort

Equestrian Friendly Arena
Your Hoop building will extend your riding season and make extreme weather days more comfortable all year-round – getting you out of the hot sun, rain or snow. Choose an open arena for summer riding or completely enclosed for Winter comfort; including large Door opening can give you both. Our wide spanning Trusses remove obstacles to navigate around and provides a cost-effective way to cover a large area giving you freedom to ride.

Flexible, Efficient & Durable

Indoor Riding Arena
Hardywoods Fabric covered buildings solutions offer energy efficiency by removing the need for daytime lighting and are low maintenance. Hoop buildings are very durable being built on Steel galvanized trusses – providing the bones for a multi-generational building. Modern industrial fabric covers are long lasting, and many come with warranties extending 20 years or more. Discover why Fabric covered hoop buildings are second to none for your equestrian needs. Easily include room for stalls, tack, viewing, or hay storage as well. Arenas can be 30 feet to over 140′ wide and any length you want for a small personal riding arena, horse show training or a regulation barrel racing venue with grandstands.

Ideal for Hay & Equipment Storage

Hay Storage Barn Equestrian

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