Northwoods Workshop Construction

Northwoods Workshop Construction

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Here in Northern Minnesota, it seems like everyone has a pole barn, I have one, my Dad has one, both of my brothers have one, they are handy and hard to be without for your bikes, boats, ATVs, yard tractors and collector cars, etc. Storage buildings are all but essential and that’s just for the average homeowner/homesteader. If you have commercial or agricultural equipment then you needs grow exponentially.

Hot, Cold, or Both

Most Pole building are all cold storage to hold our stuff, some have a portion insulated and heated for a workshop or woodshop and others are completely insulated. In a cold climate you need to determine what construction will give you the space you need along with the ability to use it for your specific purpose.

It will be more costly to construct and climate control a large steel building. When you need both a large under roof storage space and a heated space and there will be a trade-off to be made in going large enough to meet your workshop needs.

Two May Just be Better Than One

Post Frame construction maybe the most ideal to insulate and maintain suitable year round working conditions. Yet a Fabric Covered building will give you the most under roof space for your money and also provide more favorable conditions than a pole shed by providing natural light with out the need to turn on lights during the day and remove the condensation and dripping common in pole buildings. 

Many homesteaders and business owners will find it makes sense to build a smaller insulated steel workshop and a larger fabric covered hoop style building thus reducing both their upfront construction cost and their long-term maintenance and heating costs as well. When you choose a quality fabric covered building it will be nearly maintenance free and provide open spans to around 200 feet and can run from tens to hundred of feet in length and be easily lengthened in the future.

The Best of Both Worlds

Trying to make a Large enough Steel building to hold all our equipment that should be under roof, out of the sun, wind, and rain can be impractical – the same goes for trying to make fabric building that excels at providing large dry, cold storage into a heated workshop. We know there are exceptions to most every rule – for some situations and large heated Fabric building may make sense and for some a Large steel storage space may make sense as well.

Integrity Fabric Covered Equipment Building

Where To Get your Fabric Covered Steel Buildings

Hardywoods is your local Accu-Steel Building dealer in Central/Northern Minnesota, contact us to get a quote or start the conversation on which Accu-Steel building best fits your needs. Accu-Steel Building are built in the Midwest and has dealers across the country.

All Steel and Hybrid – wood/steel buildings – Climate Controlled or Cold Storage. Click Here to learn more.

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