Protect your Hay for a Healthy Farm

Advantage hay barn on wood & Steel ponywall

Haybarns for Farms of all Sizes

Whether you have a dozen cows or a thousand we have a structure that will fit you needs. Investing in quality hay shed designed to keep commodies dry can pay dividends in keeping your livestock healthy. 

Durable Materials

Modern building fabrics are durable and long lasting and their galvanized steel truss infrastructure can last a lifetime. Hot dip galvanizing provides a strong resistance to rust. Our trusses welded prior to galvanizing to protect critical joints.

Hay Storage Barn Equestrian

Built to Expand as Your Farm Grows

A 50×60 shelter maybe all you need today, but tomorrow you may need that to be a 50×120. With our Keder track system we can easily come back and make your length whatever you need.

Full Hay Barn on Jersey Barriers

What Can I build My Barn on?

there is a lot of flexibility on what to build on, though larger barns do remove some option as you are protecting more against uplift than building weight. If you have access to Jersey Barriers or Washout Block those could be a good option. For smaller structures you may want to build a wood ponywall and maybe even sheet it with tin. Have an earth auger for your stidsteer, you may want to dig holes for concrete piers. You could also pour concrete footings or have helical piers drilled.

A Width and Length to Fit your space

Maybe you don’t want an 800 ft long barn, that’s fine we can go wider and add additional barns as required

Multiple Large Hay Sheds