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Steel Barndo with wrap around porch

Steel building construction for residential homes is on the rise, saving owners money by either completely erecting their own prefabricated building or taking on portions of the project. The speed of construction also reduces contractor fees due to reduced labor hours required.

Your residential building kit includes all of your exterior walls, trusses and roof components including all fasteners. Windows, doors and insulation will be purchased locally and are not included in your kit – though the trim for pre-planned doors and windows are included.

How and when you finish out your interior and layout interior rooms is up to you whether you do it yourself or engage a local contractor. Typical truss/bay sizes are twelve foot, so be sure to plan your door, window and interior wall layout around this spacing. Your kit makes insulating and finishing interior walls and ceilings simple. You can opt to have exposed trusses inside or a finished ceiling. A premium kit will provide straight legs for a smooth residential look. 

You will want your foundation ready when your kit arrives whether you choose to start with concrete piers to erect your shell on and pour the rest of the floor later or pour a full foundation in advance. Don’t forget to plan any in-floor heating our plumbing prior to pouring your full floor. Once your order is finalized specs can be prepared for you concrete contractor to work from.


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Steel Barndo

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