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Need More Storage Room?

Have you outgrown your shipping container? Increase your under-roof space now. Expanding has never been so simple, your existing sea can makes an instant base for a canvas storage container building, providing plenty of side wall height and internal storage space. Need more height – try stacking 2 or 3 containers (these will require bracing). Better utilize your shipping containers also called: Conex box, Conex Container, Sea Can, Sea Container, C-Can, storage container, ISO Container, Freight Container, Cargo Container, Intermodal Container, Ocean Container, Container Van, Dry Van, Moving Container, and Dry Storage Containers.

Secure Your Foundation & Get Creative

Depending on the size or your cover and/or local codes you may need to use ballasts such as washout block to secure your base from updrafts. Other options are to anchor to concrete piers or a similarly secured object. You still have all the advantages of the shipping container, but now also have room for large toys or equipment. You can use multiple 20 or 40 foot boxes to get the length you require or place your Conex boxes perpendicular to your building to access multiple containers from under your roof and out of the rain or snow. covers can be secured either using ratchet blocks mounted to the side of your container or on the inside by mounting to your baseplates and using an internal pull pipe.

In regards to a hoop storage buildings we are considering your container box to be your foundation, though you may still need to pair it with a concrete slab, pier, block, or a steel helical anchor, however they are now serving as much as hold down for your hoop building as a support for your box. Fabric covered hoop buildings are more affected by wind and uplift than they are the actual weight of the structure.


Fabric buildings allow plenty of light reducing the need for additional lighting even on cloudy days. Your containers can either fit completely under tarp with dry interior storage space on the container roofs or extend beyond your roof for an even larger storage shed. Close in the ends to get out of the wind and foul weather where you can work in comfort.

Built For Your Weather Conditions

Shipping Container in Winter weather

Your local weather conditions play a big factor in determining how your building needs to be designed. Heavy snow loads or high winds require a properly engineered Truss. A truss that is engineered for your conditions can last a lifetime. If you are in a mild climate with no measurable snow load or high winds you may be able to use a low-cost single tube hoop building, though you will also want to make sure it has a fabric cover that will hold up to sun, rain and other hazards. Our buildings are built to order with the engineering to meet your local Snow load and wind ratings using high quality Enduro-LocTM fabric membranes and galvanized web trussing to withstand the elements.

For Extreme wind conditions or to combat work site incidents we offer and individual keder track system where each truss section is a separate replaceable cover. We also have a fire-resistant fabric option to help protect your investment.

In a Hurry to Get into a Large Space?

Shipping Container foundations

Save Time & Money – by using a shipping container foundation

Accelerate your Project – bypass wall construction time

Be Confident – remove worries about quality of wall construction – you know you are getting a solid and dependable foundation wall – consult engineering regarding any additional anchor requirements.

Rugged and Portable – works whether you are staying in place for years or need to relocate in months

It Takes More Than a Sturdy Foundation to Have a Great Building

That’s why you want an Accu-Steel Hoop Building from Hardywoods LLC for your container cover. After vetting Accu-Steel – we are able to attest to their quality and are proud to stand behind their buildings. We can help you source shipping containers using local providers we trust that are only minutes away from our offices. Learn More about fabric hoop building foundation options


Why Accu-Steel Fabric Covered Buildings for my Storage Container Cover

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